Air pollution composition and inland transport from megacities along the Gulf of Guinea  -Insights from the DACCIWA campaign

West Africa is facing an important population growth, associated with environmental challenges.
Air pollution in West Africa has diverse sources, including biomass burning from Central Africa, dust from the Sahara, and anthropogenic emissions from megacities. During the West African Monsoon, these pollutants are mixed in a complex vertical structure. The European DACCIWA (Dynamics-Aerosol-Chemistry-Cloud Interactions in West Africa) project has been designed to improve our understanding of the interactions between air pollution and coastal atmospheric dynamics.
In this presentation, I will discuss the spatial variability as well as the vertical structure of Guinean air pollution, based on different observational datasets and numerical simulations done with the WRF-CHIMERE model. I will analyze the megacity plume transport and composition using modeling tracer experiments. I will finish by presenting some potential perspectives following the DACCIWA campaign.

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